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2009-09-30 20:02:51 by Ponz

Play Monkey Wizard!=]


2008-07-28 15:47:18 by Ponz

This is the story about a man by the name of Campa. An average 19 year old by all means, he would party like the average 19 year old; go to class like the average 19 year old, and smoke weed like the average 19 year old. But something different and a little strange happened when Campa got high....He would don his grandma's green quilt, his cargo shorts and belt, and his favorite Retro Jordan 1's, Campa would come to an amazing realization as every average 19 year old does when they are high. He started to realize that he was no longer Carlo Campa the average 19 year old living in the Eastside but he was Webster, a crime fighting superhero that protects his fair city.

Just an idea so far but I would love to make a game out of it. I haven't done any character drawing or anything yet but i just wanted to get my idea down.


2008-03-09 23:48:18 by Ponz

So it seems i have a fascination with monkeys, for the last two games i'm doing graphics for feature monkeys as the main character. Lol well here's the link to the latest monkey character.

Monkey Mage

Newgrounds how i miss you.

2007-09-29 22:18:41 by Ponz

Damn it feels like its been forever, my internet connection hasn't been working for the last couple weeks so i've only been able to glance at ngs on friends computers. But now i have it back and i am back. NG<3

Basic Raw idea

2007-07-18 04:28:59 by Ponz

Nice=] Ok...well i hope this doesn't the basic idea is a group of warriors that retain abilities from their past live...going off of the hindu incarnation thing where you could be reincarnated as any animal...

So lets say one warrior was a eagle or butterfly or something..then as a warrior the thing would be air related or they could fly or something.

This same concept applies to all warriors.

As i said this is a very rough raw basic idea right now but i would love to develop it into something more.

Let me know what you think.

I'm posting this so i don't forget XD


2007-07-18 02:55:26 by Ponz

BOOYAH this is pretty awesome....word. Til later folks